It is important to us that we have a mutual understanding about the terms and conditions of accessing therapy either on Skype or Face to Face and we outline these terms and conditions below.

Confidentiality And Data Protection

Confidentiality is an integral part of therapy and is seen as essential to building the therapeutic relationship and ensuring the client’s sense of safety and trust in our services.

Our therapy related services operate in a confidential way in order to encourage the client to be as open and honest as possible. During the process personal experiences and sensitive information is often disclosed. It is very important, therefore, that the client has trust in us and knows that anything they disclose remains confidential. The only circumstances in which confidentiality may be broken, is if there was a serious risk to the client’s life or the life of other people. There are also rare circumstances where a therapist may be required by law to disclose client information. Wherever possible, this will be discussed with the client beforehand and everything done to ensure that the client is fully aware and informed of procedures. If this is not possible the therapist will use their professional discretion.

We are compliant with the current Data Protection Act 1988 and are ensuring compliancy with future new General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Conduct Of Clients And Visitors To The Website

While our Wounded Healer sessions provide the space for clients to work through difficult feelings and emotions, our staff and therapists will not accept threatening or abusive behaviour towards them. Such behaviour may result in the session ending and the client being liable for the full session cost. The use of the service may also be terminated.

GP Information & Emergency Contact Details

We are not able to see clients without GP details or an Emergency Contact in their country of residence. Sessions booked in without GP details provided will be cancelled until details are sent through. If this is outside of our 48-hour cancellation policy, you still might be charged. Any questions please speak to Kevin Light at info@woundedhealer.co.uk


Our services are aimed at being preventative and pro-active. An opportunity to chat through the pressures of life and work and, with assistance, to resolve issues that may become more profound and have greater impact further down the line.

We are unable to help with acute or suicidal crises; if you are suicidal please contact the emergency services. You may also contact www.samaritans.org or telephone them on 116 123 (UK).

If we have to decline use of our service, we will try and suggest alternative support. We will be conscious of your wellbeing and its importance and that you should have the opportunity to seek the best support for your specific needs.

This particular service is aimed at adults over the age of 18 years. If you are a young person looking for support please do call Childline on 0800 1111 or website: www.childline.org.uk.

Payment of Fees

Payment is made on our booking system in advance for Wounded Healer sessions and for a series or one off sessions.

If you are a company wishing to purchase bundles for your Company, please contact us at info@woundedhealer.co.uk.

Cancellation Policy


Wounded Healer sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for our clients. Therefore, when a session is cancelled without adequate notice, we are unable to fill this time slot by offering it to somebody else. Because of this the full session fee will, be charged when you miss or cancel an appointment without giving 48 hours advanced notice. If a session is booked less than 48 hours in advance then cancellation will automatically result in the full session fee being charged. You can cancel your appointment online by visiting here.

Missed appointment fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file or the session will be deducted from your pre purchased bundle.


The content of this website is intended for information only. Whilst utmost care has been taken in the writing of information presented we cannot guarantee its usefulness or accuracy. We accept no responsibility for any decisions made and accept no liability for any loss or damage based on the information found on this website. Anyone using information offered on this website does so at their own risk and will be considered to have taken full liability and responsibility for any damage or injury arising from its use.


Wounded Healer holds no liability if connection with the website becomes unavailable. We do not accept any liability for any injury, loss, costs, damage or false information given either with regard to our own services or any other external contacts or websites. We hold no responsibility for a user’s telephone, computer system, tablet, software data or technical difficulty occurring in connection with this website or our Skype or other Services. We hold no responsibility for any computer viruses or corruption to an individual client’s computer or device.